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IMM es la LOM (Lights Out Management) de IBM.

Configurar IMM desde Sistema Operativo[editar]

I had a server shipped to a remote site today and had forgotten to preconfigure the network settings for the IBM IMM. Luckily this can be configured from the machine from within Windows.

To do this, first of all download the Advanced Settings Utility for appropriate operating system, in this case Windows Server 2008 R2, so I selected the x64 version from the IBM site.

Download and extract the utility and then run it from a command prompt. I required just the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway address changing to static values. This will also disabled DHCP on the IMM interface and then reboot the IMM to apply the new address.

   asu64.exe set imm.hostipaddress1
   asu64.exe set imm.hostipsubnet1
   asu64.exe set imm.gatewayipaddress1
   asu64.exe set imm.dhcp1disabled
   asu64.exe set imm.reboot

IBM Advanced Settings Utility (ASU)

Configuring IBM IMM from Windows (Remotely)

Resolver desconexiones de IMM en redes Gigabit[editar]

Cuando se utiliza el puerto compartido y una conexion a 1000Mb / 1Gb, la IMM perdera conexion durante el arranque del BIOS, por lo que no sera posible acceder a la configuracion de BIOS o al menu de arranque. Este error esta documentado por IBM. [MM: Shared Port remote control session aborted on system restart - IBM Servers]


  • Utilizar el puerto dedicado a IMM
  • Configurar la tarjeta de red para que establezca una conexion 100M Full Duplex.
    • Desde Linux puede configurarse usando ethtool
 # ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full